Monday, April 25, 2011


Ainaro is one district of East Timor. Ainaro is my mother's home town. Ainaro is located between Maubise and Cassa. Ainaro is the south of East Timor. Ainaro itself very beautiful because we can see foggy in the morning. Ainaro has the biggest mountain in East Timor, they call Ramelau Mountain so that in Ainaro we never see the sun, the sun was closed by Mountain. It makes Ainaro very cool star morning till night...Before I came to India, I went to Ainaro with my beloved Aunt, we had been spending time there for 3 days. I went to my great grand-parents house and my mother's family gave me cock (it's a symbol when someone come to your house specially in town they always do it like that) and I feel very happy because it's the first time I went to Ainaro since 2002...
I hope after I going back to East Timor I will go to Ainaro again, because I like that place very much....... Love you and I will do the best for you.... :)

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