Saturday, June 11, 2011


Love story I......
Everyone dreams of a love story, a perfect one that too. So did she and found it too. Well, but then Universe does have a strange sense of irony. He wasn't the type that went after the girls. No, it wasn't that he didn't like the chase, he was just plain shy. And she was just so friendly that it didn't seem right. While she thought he was way too perfect and sweet for her.
For a long time they kept ignoring the obvious, but Cupid isn’t the kind that can be ignored. Nah, he takes his business way too seriously. Once the arrows are struck, they leave a mark forever.By the time they realized the game of the Cupid and admitted the feelings, the Universe had to play the bad guy, and send her back to her land.
Happy ending are not for everyone. But who wants happy ending anyway? What is lost is what is remembered the most. The stolen kiss definitely is memorable, and has given her hope for many a passionate kisses that could have been shared. As always the imagined joys are sweeter than the reality.

Love story II
Lets just assume this is not the end. The Universe does give them a second. The story now doesn't seem that ordinary at all! Well the girl comes back and both confess their love and even went on a date. Now that sounds pretty ordinary, but when it is the first love it never is ordinary. The first teddy bear gift, the first lunch out and deciding to give long distance a shot. So.. so.. so.. and thus the long distance relation was sealed:)

Can their love survive the distance? Can any love survive the distance? One can only hope in love, to give up easily seems too dastardly and one must give love a chance. Somebody should. I'm glad they did.

Ex- boyfriend does lurk around somewhere waiting to play his role. Somebody should make this story un-ordinary ( I know there is no such term, but I prefer this to not-so- ordinary, so kindly bear) with ex boyfriend, boy and a girl it should make a perfect love triangle and there is nothing ordinary about a love triangle ( in spite of what Bollywood and Hollywood tells you).

So lets just assume love can survive distance and hope like a someone does in love and pray like someone in love and wait like someone in love.......

Love story III….. I am waiting for the “HAPPY ENDING”
I'll Miss you 'Kingsley......'

P.S : thank you Sharika ma'am for the story,, I liked it and waiting for the part III...