Monday, April 25, 2011

" Who I Consider as My BEST FRIEND...."

Now, I would like to tell you someone who is I consider as my BEST FRIENDS or someone who is very close to me, she is my sisters and my mother, their name are : MEMY, DICKY and also MY BELOVED MOTHER SILVIA. Memy is about 24 years old, dicky is 20 years old and my mother is 45 years old. Memy has wavy hair and round-faced , even Dicky and my mother has straight hair and long-faced, Both of my sisters are shorter then me, Memy has got married and has 1 son, but dicky is single. They are very smart and elegant women, always well dressed. they are sometimes stubborn but sometimes understanding. I love them so much because they are more than my sisters and mother. we always share our secret in life to each other and they always be there to help me if I need....I don't want to lost them in my life...

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