Sunday, April 24, 2011

"Statement of purpose (SOP)...."

I have been interested in Petroleum when I was in child. Petroleum Industry is challenging because it requires job constant vigilance which I have develop by being part of this field. Petroleum Industry has always interested me as an undergraduate. I looked at Petroleum engineering because I like the job which involves contact with real world. even as a child, I like to see beam-pumping units standing as if like a miniature forest, worked, indulging myself in all kinds of fantasies and reflections about the mysterious reservoir underground with great curiosity.

I finished my undergraduate as a Petroleum engineering for four and a half years from University Proclamation 45 Yogyakarta, Indonesia. In developing my honors thesis "Optimization and re-design Sucker Rod Pump in well production" I was be able to design pump while in working principal and how many tubing we need to use for production.

My research courses, under the direction of Ir. Edi Purwaka, Mt and Ir. Boedy Windiarto, have focused on the how to re-design the sucker rod pump in well production my research interested to know how many oil we produced everyhour and how many oil we used and to sold everyday.
Now days, many people need oil,everything need oil. as we know that oil it's very important for our life and helpful for human being. So that they need many intelectual people to tried to take oil from the earth which deepest.

After finished my graduate Petroleum Engineering. I decided to look at Master's career in Petroleum Management that would guide me into relevant career. My future goal is to learn more about Petroleum Management. A masters's degree I will attain a comprehensive understanding of the management working in Petroleum Industry.

After completing my Master's degree, I would like to research a valuable Petroleum management so that it can help to develop country. I would appriate the opportunity to pursue this at your University.

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