Thursday, April 21, 2011

"Preparing myself for IELTS test...."

Speaking 1…… (21-April-2011)

You have just moved into a new home and are planning to whole a party. You are worried that the noise may disturb your neighbor. In you letter :
1. Introduce yourself.
2. Describe your plans for the party.
3. Invite your neighbor to come.

Dear Ms. Memy,

My name is Mirla. I am one of your new neighbors in the 2nd floor flat No. 127, I moved two days ago. I have married and I have one daughter and two sons. I write this letter regarding that tomorrow will be holiday and one of my children will be celebrate his birthday so, we have planned to have a party. The party is not as big as possible. We planning to have a birthday cake with avatar and superman costume. The party will start at 7 o’clock in the evening and we’ll invite some clown to participate and hope they can enjoy with clown. And the middle of the night we have some games from us to our guest. Regarding he has 6 years old and he turning 7 years old tomorrow so, may be we’ll invite many children and the noise may be disturb you for this kindly excused us for the noise, and then we want to invite you to share your gratitude with us specially for our son, and with expectation that we can share everything any time. Thank you so much.

Best regards,
Your neighbor

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