Thursday, April 14, 2011

" New Life....."

My new life is different but good, I didn't think it ever would. I had a life before where I was locked away. And seem to miss each passing day. Where every day is always the same and I only have myself to blame. I should have made a stand year ago, and then I wouldn't have felt so low.
So here I am with my friends and they are seem like my family, And all the good times it sends. I may have suffered for all those years, but now I have to stand up to my fears. I have all the love here I ever need,
and all that, has grown a new seed.
To make the best of my life,
To take away the trouble and strife.
To wake up each day to something new,
To be myself again and always be true.

Be myself….!!!!

=> "...MIRLA GUIVE..."

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