Thursday, April 14, 2011

" High School Love Never Forgotten...."

Hay, friends I would like to tell you about some story when I was in senior high school…
I have many friends but I have best friends there are : Etta lacruna, Metha Quintao, Zhi Mesquita, Etta Viera, Ritna yatti and me. We are best friends and till now we still in best friends…….I want to share story about one of us experience in love. How they met each other and how they became a couple…..

This was only an incident when they met each other…(he,he,he,…) we were studying at the second class in senior high school and she was 17 years old before they were became a relationship they didn’t know each other, she only know his sister because they were classmate. Before she knew him, she had a boy-friend and also with him….
She didn’t know why? Suddenly, he ordered his sister to said to her that he be apt to her but his sister said to him if you gentle-man you talk to her by yourself and even though his sister said to him, he didn’t tell to her by himself.
He seeks an idea he ordered his friend to called her by phone. Before that she had some problem with her boy friend because she had a relationship with someone, so she felt very miserable and she decided to break up relationship with her boy friend.
After she had some problem with her boy friend, his friend also decided to call her and he said that: “Some one asked you…,” and she said “who is that?”…he said: “You know him….” But she was very confuse and the night she could sleep well because she was embittered, next day in the school she asked to her friend “who was asked me?” and her friend said: “you know him” she said again to him: “please, don’t make me confuse”. And he said you want to know him, his sister study together with you…..
Suddenly, she remembered him because only his sister her classmate but she unsure if he asked her because if she met him he always conceited and he is arrogant…..
But my friend said: “ok she would give the answer”….
And time passed away, she told to him that she wanted became a relationship with him…and till now they have got married and have 2 children…….

And you know, even I saw them they always asking me “Mirla, when you turn” and said to them: “ok, we will see….” (he,he,he,he….)
I love the time when I spent together with my best friends in senior high school, they always be there when I need them…
Miss you all guys....<(*__*)>

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