Saturday, February 12, 2011

" I Found New friends........"

We have been here for 7 months, time is going it is too fast I can't go back to that time...
I found someone in here special that I found many friends here.
7 months in here I met a great new friend whom knew me right away.
It was funny but I don't know. we always together wherever and whenever we go....
we fought, Laughed, and cried together it's so many and I can't write in here....
all I have to say that they are very understanding and they are special.
We listened each other if somebody has a problem, We listened each other in dreams. We talked about love and life.

They know me better than myself.
They know me better than I do because they know how I felt.
We always dieturb each other if somebody has a problem... hahhaaahahah
(it's the great moment when we disturb each other)
They just listened very patiently and didn't go away.
I want they understand "How much I love them"

They are My Friends.... My all friends who I know them In Mangalore....
Love U all My friends... :)
Best Friend Forever

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